And Guided Meditations

Join Me in Some Guided Meditations

Solar Light

God bless you dear friends here we go one more time

A pleasure, a joy, an honour

Sit up nice and straight

Take a deep breath

Solar Light

Breathe the energy of the sun

Call upon it in your mind’s eye

The love and light of all that is

Blending with you, touching you, flowing to you

Coming close dear friends

We come close when you call us

We come close when you let us in dear friends

We come close when you open the door of your heart to love, to peace, to freedom dear friends

When you feel, safe, loved and supported dear friends

You are never alone

This is a bridge that every spiritual student and teacher must transcend

Must cross

Must make your peace with

We’re loving you, were holding you, were helping you, were guiding you

You are remembering more of who you are

More of what life can be about in this beautiful, magical, powerful, time

Take a deep breath

Dear ones you are seeing with open eyes

And you are feeling with an open heart

And you are thinking with a clear mind

Clear like a mountain stream dear friends

Then everything is a choice

Some choices are conscious

Some choices are habit

Some choices are routine

Some choices take great willingness and courage

Some choices seem to happen without any effort at all dear friends

You chose to be here in this lifetime of lifetimes

With what you know and understand in your heart, soul and spirit

And what you are yet to discover and realise and call forth

We often say here

Our favourite quote is

‘How good can you stand it?’

Because it does take a commitment dear friends

To live consciously in a world

That doubts, often, your oneness with all that is.

That has such great freedom

You can deny your freedom entirely

Almost entirely

Better said dear friends

The moment you let go of the struggles, the doubts the fears the judgements

The lack and limitation

The moment you give yourself back to the truth of who you are

You set yourself free and thus freedom returns to your experience

We hold nothing from you dear friends

We hold everything for you

And in moments such as this

You receive

Change happens in an instant

Time is an illusion

A context for consciousness

A place to live your dreams

You are the dreamers

And the dream weavers

And you gather together in your mediations, in your sleep, in your dreams

In quiet moments of reverie

In quiet moments of peace

Daydreaming you call it

Daydreaming in higher moments of peace

And each of these moments we give you more of what you are asking for

That you are open to receive

More love

More light

More Grace

And greater willingness

To be yourself

To honour yourself

To respect yourself

To free yourself

Those that have touched your heart

Those that have lifted you out of sorrow and darkness

Those that have inspired you

Those that have moved you to tears

To laughter

To joy

To the song in your heart

The dance in your spirit

They are calling you home

Not to a distant star dear friends

To a new world and a new time

And a new way of being you

Who you really are in this world

Dear ones everyone is called

But you are listening

You are searching

You are seeking with all your heart, soul, mind and might

You are seeking

And now you have remembered a little bit more of how good you can stand it

How much life loves you

How beautiful and magical and brilliant

This world can be

With you centre stage dear friends

In your place of power

Standing in your truth and your integrity and your purpose

Fulfilling the passion of your soul and spirit

Singing your song of freedom

Of love

Dancing your dance of joy, of happiness

Holding the world in your hands and bringing your hands to your heart and saying

Thank you

Thank you

Thank you

Take a deep breath

The love and light of all that is as you

The sun, the moon, the stars dear ones

Let the love and light of all that is

Lift you

Heal you

Prosper you

Bless you

And set your spirit free

We love you so

The dreamers awakened

The world begun again

Time and space and service to love and light



The music of the spheres manifest

In, through and around you

More consciously

More deliberately

And more joyously

With each passing moment

Peace and blessings


Divine Love

God bless you dear friends here we go one more time

Take a deep breath

Dear friends let’s talk about goodness

What is it?

Where does it come from?

How do you know if you are good enough?

What you are doing is good?

How does the world value goodness?

How do you value goodness?

Dear friends

God bless you

You see it’s a powerful subject

Dear friends the heart of spiritual wisdom is paradox

To live in the world but not of the world

As one of your great teachers has said here

How do you live with a foot in each world dear friends

By knowing your values

By honouring your truth

By listening to your inner guidance

By valuing who you are

Goodness is a part of all of that

The great ones in your world

The teachers, the healers, the way-showers

You yourselves you have a calling

An agenda

A destiny

That can be changed at any moment

When in the themes of your life

In the themes of this lifetime for you

You have seen over and over again

That honesty responsibility and integrity

Are of great value

To yourself and to your world

Dear friends

This is such a magnificent time in your life

Of healing awakening and growth

Because so much confusion in the human mind is releasing

About what is good for you

Dear friends we can say it very simply here

Nature is the mirror of who you are

And her path, her laws and her beauty

Her goodness, her power

Is a reflection of your path, your purpose, your goodness as well.

Dear friends when you value something it becomes good in your mind

When you listen to trust and follow your heart soul and spirit

You are aligning your will your mind to your spiritual guidance your inner self

So what is good for you is it good for another

What is good for a lightworker is it good for the world

Well dear friends

Another quote

You know them by the fruits of their actions

Do you bring joy into your life?

Do you bring healing into your life?

Do you bring prosperity and success into your life?

Are you of good use to your family and friends?

To the world around you?

Are people uplifted?

Because of you?

Do people when they see you, when they think of you, when they talk to you

Dear ones

Are you a source of challenge and indeed even of pain

To yourself and the world

One isn’t right and the other isn’t wrong dear friends

But goodness , value, principle ideals

That which works today tomorrow and forever

This is the song of your soul and spirit

And this is what is calling you into greater action

And greater expression

In this powerful and magical time

We often sit with the Chanel in meditation

When he is going through a challenge or a confusion or a crisis

And we invite him to come back to

The goodness, beauty and truth

That is his soul and spirit

As we invite you to do the same here and now.

Take a deep breath

There is nothing to earn and nothing to prove about your worth about your value about your character about your path in this lifetime

We say people talk themselves out of the truth rather than in to it

The truth is here

Goodness is here

Beauty is here within you

Take a deep breath

So often you compare and compete with others

Doubting yourself, holding your tongue, denying perception, your value, your voice

We tell you truly dear one

That will not work

For your future

That which is true that which is good that which is beautiful is always seeking expression

It is inspiration, it is that which lifts you up and leads you on

It is that which brings love, healing, prosperity, happiness, laughter, joy

All good things into your life

When you honour the good, you manifest the good

And you share the good with the world

How it manifests

Is our job

What you focus on, what you believe, what you care about

What you love

How deeply, how often, how fully ,how joyously, how completely

Is your gift to the world

As you

You are good dear friends

You are holy

You are sacred

You are cherished

You are valued

You are appreciated

You are celebrated

Without contradicting or disagreeing with others

Without seeking the dramas of the good, bad , right, wrong

In the confides of the mind, in the duality of the past

Be the good

Be the love

Speak of goodness

Shine your light

Share your love

Let the angel of goodness accompany you today

And know that all is truly well for you

This is your time of awakening

Of soaring

Of flying free

Of being that inspiration and that example

You have longed to become

Take a deep breath

I am the goodness that God has created me to be

And all that I think say and do is a reflection of the goodness, beauty and truth of life

And of my soul and spirit

In harmony, in spirit and balance and in oneness

Father mother god I am grateful unto myself for the gift of goodness

For this very day and every day

Lead me home

Lift me up

You embrace me as your very self

I let it be

With a grateful and joyous heart

And it is so

And so it is

Peace and blessings

We love you so